Stamp Free

Convenience is everything.

Our mission is to provide a viable global alternative to today’s postage solutions. One that is the ultimate in convenience for consumer and business posting customers alike, and highly relevant for the digital age and COVID era.

The world is ready for the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution


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No Stamps

Carriers can now offer parcel and letter products to all customers who have traditionally used postage stamps. Gone are the days of stamp liabilities, print production and costs incurred through secure transportation and the storage of stamps.


Your business customers do not need to work with complex shipping solutions, requiring IT such as computers, printers, network connections etc. Nor does it require a franking machine. Everything can be done through a mobile phone or tablet.


Knowing Your Customer is as important as ever. Our solutions can tell you who posted the item, and we’ll pre-advise you too on what has been purchased.

Protect your revenue

Get paid correctly for the mail items you handle, with the ability to surcharge where mistakes happen. Oh, and did we say our solution prevents fraud?

The best things in life are Stamp Free

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