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Are your priorities about making it easy to do business with yourselves through easily accessible products, which in turns increases your revenue and enhances your digital presence? Stamp Free’s Digital Postage Solution with its three innovative products are perfectly positioned to help you with all of those.

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The Digicode

Targeted at consumers or lower volume posting business customers who use postage stamps, the benefits of the Digicode are numerous for both you as the carrier and your customers.

  • No Stamps
    No liabilities, no cost of print, no cost of sale
  • No label printing
    Avoid the need of IT and expensive print consumables
  • Get paid the correct postage
    Always get paid correctly for the item being posted.
  • Allows for surcharging
    Retrospectively correct any postage fees when customers incorrectly declare
  • Untapped customer data
    Get access to data about your customers, which previously has not been possible

The Shipcode

Targeted at businesses who have traditionally used franking machines, marketplace sellers or professional services who do not want to invest in IT just for shipping solutions.

  • Start early with your customers
    Very low investment to start posting. Ideal for start-ups and low-tech companies.
  • Accessibility
    Provide simple access to your products, reducing barriers to usage.
  • Gain competitive advantage
    Create a unique and innovative approach that appeals to your own customers
  • Excellent revenue protection
    Always get paid correctly, but have the ability to surcharge if required

The Easycode

Targeted at your retail customers who want to benefit from a simple label-free returns process. The consumer generates a code avoiding the need to include a label-in-the-box.

  • Market-leading returns process
    Our solution is unique and hassle free for your customers
  • Eco-friendly
    Add to your green credentials by offering a label-less solution
  • Customer friendly
    Returns is simple. Avoid the need for printers, PCs, cutting labels out
  • Also works with lockers
    See our Locker page to find out how our solution can work with your lockerbank provider

All of our products can run independently using our own mobile app, or as an integrated service using API technology. This flexibility puts you in control in managing your own customers. 

Sound like a great idea? Please get in contact to discuss how we can help increase your revenues from our innovative channel to market.

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution is infinitely scalable, very secure and benefits from the AWS architecture to provide a highly available service to match your needs.

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