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Since its first introduction, the postage stamp has underpinned the postal industry for almost 200 years. However uniquely it has not evolved over that time. Within today’s digital world it is effectively an analogue solution, one which is fast becoming obsolete.

The Digicode™ is the next step in the postal evolution – it is better than the postage stamp in every way.

The Digicode allows businesses and consumers to send parcels and letters without the need for a postage stamp or printed off postage. Using just a mobile phone, along with our app or integrated carrier app, the customer receives a Digicode which is written on their parcel or letter.  Utilising world leading handwriting recognition technology our solution scans and validates the mail item including the Digicode, giving both customer and carrier the reassurance that everything is correct.  The mail item is then posted Stamp Free.

Our Digicode is the next step in the postal evolution – it is better than the postage stamp in every way.

It is as convenient as a stamp but far more secure. It ensures customers always have the correct digital “stamp” in their pocket for their mail items. Customers never need run out of “stamps” again.

The world is ready for the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™.

SHEER CONVENIENCE for your customers
SAY GOODBYE TO STAMPS No print costs, no liabilities, no stock control
PROTECT YOUR REVENUE Get paid correctly for the items handled
KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER Access untapped customer data

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Our app or your app?

Our SaaS model

The Stamp Free app is ready to go. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms, it is configurable to sell your parcel or letter products out of the box.

We can even utilise your branding if preferred.

Our PaaS model

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution can be easily integrated into your own app through a standard set of APIs. We take the hassle away from managing the process, whilst you retain your existing customer journeys.

Either way, the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution is infinitely scalable, very secure and benefits from the AWS architecture to provide a highly available service to match your needs.

The best things in life are Stamp Free

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