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For e-tailers who want to provide their customers with the easiest returns process, whilst also avoiding the extra cost of providing a returns label with every item sold. Optionally combined with a lockerbank that could allow for a contact-free drop and early validation of the return, the Easycode™ is powerful yet simple.

When a customer want to return an online purchase they follow the returns instructions on our app or e-tailer’s website. They receive an Easycode which they write on their item.  Utilising world leading Digicode handwriting recognition technology the app scans and validates the Easycode, giving both customer and e-tailer the reassurance that everything is correct.  The customer then posts their return, or drops it off at a lockerbank or other designated drop-off point.

No computer or printer required.

Easycode for returns. Easy come, easy go.

The world is ready for the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™.

HASSLE FREE for your customers
SAY GOODBYE TO LABELS No returns label in the box, no printing
INTEGRATE WITH YOUR APP Access untapped customer data
WORKS WITH LOCKERS Get paid correctly for the items handled

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EasyCode for easy returns

Our SaaS model

The Stamp Free app is ready to go. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms, it is configurable to manage your returns process. We can even utilise your branding if preferred.

Our PaaS model

The EasyCode can be easily integrated into the retailers or carrier’s own app or website through a standard set of APIs. We take the hassle away from managing the process, whilst you retain your existing customer journeys.

Either way, the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution is infinitely scalable, very secure and benefits from the AWS architecture to provide a highly available service to match your needs.

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