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The sheer convenience of the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ perfectly compliments the benefits of lockerbanks. We can enable label-less returns, integrate into your own process and establish a hassle-free customer journey.

The consumer no longer needs to print out barcodes or find a returns label. The Digicode or Easycode is all that is needed for identification of both parcel and customer.

Label-less returns
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Parcel drop-off using our

Targeted at consumers or lower volume posting business customers who use postage stamps, the benefits of the Digicode are numerous for both you as the lockerbank provider and your customers.

Parcel returns using our

Targeted at retail customers who want to benefit from a simple label-free returns process. The consumer generates a code avoiding the need to include a label-in-the-box.

Integrating our solution will create a powerful proposition, one that offers the simplest and most convenient customer journey. Using your lockerbank network just became even easier.

Sound like a great idea? Please get in contact to discuss how we can help to improve the customer experience.

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution is infinitely scalable, very secure and benefits from the AWS architecture to provide a highly available service to match your needs.

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