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(Edinburgh, 26 May 2021) Computer Vision Integration expert Prime Vision today announced the signing of a strategic alliance agreement with Stamp Free in supporting the rollout of the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ to existing and new postal clients worldwide. Prime Vision currently supports logistics clients in 25 countries with proven solutions in OCR, Barcode Reading, Sorting decision systems, video coding and Robotics.

Stamp Free Limited is an early stage technology company who are developing the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution. It is the first independent company in the world to offer a digital stamp product.

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution allows businesses and consumers to use the Stamp Free or integrated carrier-app to send parcels, letters and returns without the need for a postage stamp or printed postage.

Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans stated:

With Prime Vision’s extensive global experience in integrating postal and parcel solutions using OCR and Artificial Intelligence, it was a natural step to enter into a partnership with Stamp Free on their digital stamp products.

Stamp Free Managing Director Hugh Craigie Halkett responded:

In developing the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution we have been working with Prime Vision to ensure that mail items sent via the Stamp Free app can be recognised by postal companies utilising their OCR technology. We are delighted to form a strategic alliance to create an effective end to end solution with postal companies.

The Product:

The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution consists of three configurable products:

  1. Digicode™ – the ultimate in convenience, customers can select the mail product (letter or parcel) and pay for the required postage via the Stamp Free app, or integrated carrier app, without needing to visit a shop or post office for stamps; or the hassle and cost of printing at home. They then post their mail item in the normal way without the need for a postage stamp or printed postage. Carriers benefit from getting data on these customers, avoiding cost associated with stamp handling and stamp fraud; ensuring they are paid for the items they handle.
  2. Shipcode™ – perfect for frequently posting customers who do not want the hassle of a shipping solution, or want to avoid investing in technology or franking machines just to send mail. Targeted at marketplace sellers, mailroom functions and small businesses, the solution is simple and easy to use. As with our Digicode solution, mail items are posted in the normal way.
  3. Easycode™ – a product that means no more return labels included in the box of every product sold. Customers wishing to return items purchased online, access our Easycode solution via the Stamp Free mobile app or the retailer’s website. Items are then posted or dropped off at a local locker without the need for printing labels and taping them to a parcel. Easycode is a product targeting the massive growth in online retailing.

All aspects of the solution provide data insights about customers and their postings.


For further information contact:

Prime Vision: Richard Hagen at

Stamp Free: Hugh Craigie Halkett at

Notes to Editor

Prime Vision is market leader in Computer Vision Integration in the global logistics market for Postal, Parcel, e-commerce and Airports. 60% owned by the Dutch Postal Service PostNL, Prime Vision designs and develops best-in-class solutions that help time-conscious companies around the globe in the automation of sorting processes. Further information can be found at

Stamp Free develops digital stamp-based products to make it is as easy as possible for businesses and consumers to send parcels, letters and carry out/perform/execute online returns just by using their mobile phones. Further information can be found at