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Using AI technology, the products that make up the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution meet every need. No stamp, no print, no label – no hassle.

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A solution for every need
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Allows individuals and low-volume businesses to send mail stamp free via an app.

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AI technology assigns the required postage value to ‘dumb’ pre-printed barcodes – super convenient for small/medium businesses with large volumes!

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A label-free returns service for e-tailers/retailers that saves them money. No need to write the address, just a simple code.

Our technology

Innovative yet simple

Stamp Free products are powered by Amazon. This makes them infinitely scalable, very secure and highly adapted to match your needs. Products can easily be integrated into your operations in three separate ways.

  1. A white label integrated carrier app reflecting your brand
  2. A stand-alone, Stamp Free app
  3. Integrated into your website

Our Products

Digicode – stamp free simplicity

A convenient, digital way for consumers & businesses to buy postage using a phone/tablet and an app without the bother and cost of stamps.

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Access Method

Obtain a Digicode through a phone app or company website.

Posting Method

Items can be posted in the usual way e.g. in the post box.

Postage Type

Customers simply write a code on their parcel with the address.

Sortation method

The first scan validates using AI technology. Later scans track each step to final delivery.

Shipcode takes the strain for bulk mailing

For businesses with larger volumes who don’t want to waste time on franking or invest in expensive IT. Pre-printed dumb barcodes make it easy to assign correct postage.

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Access Method
Subscribe via the app and receive pre-printed barcode stickers or envelopes.
Posting Method
Barcoded mail is scanned using the Shipcode and sent as usual.
Postage Type
Bulk scanning activates the barcodes to assign correct postage.
Sortation method
The standard barcode works with existing sortation systems.

Returns needn’t cost the earth

Label-free, eco-friendly returns for e-tailer and carrier. No need to write an address. No more including returns labels in every box, no stamps or printing labels at home.

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Access Method
Through a phone/tablet & app or the retailers’ website.
Posting Method
Once the return item is ready to go, post as usual or drop at locker.
Postage Type
The customer simply writes the Easycode (no address) on the returns item.
Sortation method
First scan validates item. Later scans track each step to final delivery.

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