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How do carriers operationally handle Stamp Free’s digital products without the need for fixed sortation machines?

Convenience in the palm of your hand

The Digitrack app offers speed, accuracy & easy handling of hand-written labels for carriers who use manual sortation. Like the Stamp Free API integrated option – but on a phone or hand-held device.

How it works
Digitrack app

Our one-screen solution

No capital investment is needed for mail sent Stamp Free. The app scans, validates and sends tracking updates using your existing equipment.

Scan: fast, accurate and as easy as taking a selfie

Just point the app on your smartphone/hand-held device at the mail item. Our AI technology instantly and accurately captures the handwritten code and postcode.

Validate: AI tech accuracy means you always get paid properly

Validate the code on a letter or parcel to know it’s all paid and correct. Simply click ‘validate’ on screen after scanning. Do this in seconds throughout the delivery journey.

Track: Keep customers track appy with regular info

As operatives scan and validate mail from receipt to delivery info is sent back to your system, so your customers always get accurate updates.

Our Digitrack app’s pioneering AI handwriting recognition technology offers the same speed, accuracy and reliability as our API integrated solution – shrink wrapped into a smart phone

Tim HigginbothamIT Director, Stamp Free
Seamless integration

How we fit into your system

Upgrading to Digitrack won’t disrupt your business. It’s designed to work with your existing systems. Here’s how.

Receiving a parcel or letter from a customer

On receipt, courier scans and validates the Stamp Free handwritten code using the app on their smartphone or hand-held device. No extra equipment/training required.

Sorting letters and parcels

Stamp Free is easily integrated into any sorting system by Digitrack API connection for fixed sortation machines and Digitrack app for manual sortation.

Delivering a parcel or letter Stamp Free

Courier takes a picture of the mail item left on the doorstep or delivered to the customer, using the app. The handwritten code is scanned and read from the image.
Sheer convenience

Are we worth it? Yes.

Upgrade to Stamp Free Digitrack and you won’t need to upgrade to costly new equipment, spend a fortune or jump through hoops. Stamp Free can be installed on employees’ smartphones as an app or integrated into your system via API connection.

Your customers will benefit from Stamp Free’s modern, digital, green and super-convenient products – Digicode, Shipcode and Easycode.

Other Stamp Free Products

How Stamp Free can make what you do even better


A digital ‘stamp’

Our digital postage solution means no stamps or printing labels.


Stamp free, label-less solution reduces impact on the environment.


Accurate information flow throughout the delivery journey.


Knowing where mail is at every stage protects against underpayment/fraud.


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