The Shipcode

For businesses who want a shipping solution without all the extra cost normally associated with shipping or franking. You no longer need to invest in expensive tech to send mail.

Bulk sending without the price tag

For small businesses with large volumes. No franking, shipping or expensive new IT. The only ‘kit’ needed is a smartphone. Customers purchase batches of ‘dumb’ barcodes via our app. Barcoded items are scanned on your phone using the Shipcode. This assigns a postage value – so the carrier will always get paid correctly. A pre-advice is generated, providing vital data. Great for marketplace sellers, sole traders, mailrooms and professional services.

How it works
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About Shipcode

Here’s how


Barcodes are ‘zero value’. Select stickers or pre-printed envelopes via the app.


Ready-to-go items are scanned in bulk.

Activate & Post

Scanning activates & assigns a correct postage value with associated pre-advice data. Simply send.
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Improve the journey with the Shipcode


No franking

An easy cheaper alternative to out-dated franking machines.

No fuss

No complex processes, shipping solutions, IT or printing.

Cost effective

No need for expensive tech, IT, printers or network connections.


Our AI technology tackles fraud & protects your revenues.

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