Stamp Free

The Shipcode™ is for businesses who do not want to invest precious time and money on franking machines or shipping solutions just to post their letters and parcels. Whether you are a marketplace seller or a medium sized business with a mail-room operation, Stamp Free provides the simplicity you need.

All you need is a mobile phone and the Stamp Free app.

The world is ready for the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™.

SIMPLICITY Business customers do not need expensive IT such as PCs, printers, network connections etc.
NO FRANKING Avoid having to use a franking machine
KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER Carriers can access untapped customer data
LOW COST Our subscription costs are the lowest in the industry

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A new way of shipping

For posting customers, the Stamp Free app is all that is needed to control your posting process. A simple low-cost subscription enables you to access different product options, across multiple carriers where available. No complex business process, IT or shipping solution required.

For carriers you can finally offer an attractive and easily accessible barcoded solution to business customers. You also get accurate pre-advice, data about the customer and the ability to surcharge when things go wrong.

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