The Digicode

Always have the right digital stamp in your pocket. Never run out of stamps again or suffer from printer-fail when you need an urgent batch of postage labels.

Mass appeal without the cost or hassle

Send parcels and letters without stamps or printed postage. Customers simply access a Digicode using a mobile phone and our app/ integrated carrier app, write it on the item, post as usual. Perfect for individuals or low-volume businesses. Our solution is stand-alone or can be embedded in the carrier’s own app. It can also be customised for global markets. World-leading AI handwriting recognition technology scans and validates each item.

How it works
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About Digicode

Here’s how

Select & Pay Online

Select your letter or parcel and pay via the Stamp Free app/integrated carrier app. No stamps or printing costs.

Write Digicode & address

Write the Digicode you’re given and the address on your item.

Scan & Post

The item is scanned and validated using world-leading handwriting recognition technology, then posted Stamp Free.
A smartphone with a screenshot of a personal digicode

AI tech fits your business

Stamp Free can be seamlessly integrated into any carrier business with Digitrack. Scan, validate and track from receipt to delivery, thanks to our smart AI handwriting recognition technology. No costly investment. Works perfectly with existing equipment – as an API connection for fixed sortation machines, as an app for hand-held devices/smartphones.

  • Digitrack is a secure and infinitely scalable solution
  • No extra equipment, it works with your existing processes
  • Digitrack supports both manual and machine sortation
  • Scan, validate and track accurately in seconds thanks to AI tech
  • Offers sheer convenience for you and your customers

Digicode – better every way

See the benefits for you

Stamp Free

No more running out of stamps & no printing costs.

Good for the environment

No harmful labels, ink or unnecessary trips to buy stamps.

More information

Previously untapped customer  and pre-advice data means a better service for customers and for you.


Our AI technology tackles fraud & protects your revenues.


We’re here to tell you how

Get in touch & learn more about what Digicode can offer you and your customers.

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