The Digicode

Always have the right digital stamp in your pocket. Never run out of stamps again or suffer from printer-fail when you need an urgent batch of postage labels.

Mass appeal without the cost or hassle

Send parcels and letters without stamps or printed postage. Customers simply access a Digicode using a mobile phone and our app/ integrated carrier app, write it on the item, post as usual. Perfect for individuals or low-volume businesses. Our solution is stand-alone or can be embedded in the carrier’s own app. It can also be customised for global markets. World-leading AI handwriting recognition technology scans and validates each item.

How it works
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About Digicode

Here’s how

Select & Pay Online

Select your letter or parcel and pay via the Stamp Free app/integrated carrier app. No stamps or printing costs.

Write Digicode & address

Write the Digicode you’re given and the address on your item.

Scan & Post

The item is scanned and validated using world-leading handwriting recognition technology, then posted Stamp Free.


For operatives who scan items using our app on hand-held devices. Getting the Digitrack add-on allows you to track mail items from receipt to delivery. It ensures accurate scanning by operatives at each point of use.
A smartphone with a screenshot of a personal digicode

Digicode – better every way

See the benefits for you

Stamp Free

No more running out of stamps & no printing costs.

Good for the environment

No harmful labels, ink or unnecessary trips to buy stamps.

More information

Previously untapped customer  and pre-advice data means a better service for customers and for you.


Our AI technology tackles fraud & protects your revenues.


We’re here to tell you how

Get in touch & learn more about what Digicode can offer you and your customers.

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